Product - Cansure


Air quality of laboratory is very crucial for success of ART procedure.VOC (volatile organic compound) is one of the factors that affects air quality of laboratory. There are various sources of VOCs like perfume, after shave, paint, Iso propyl alcohol, aerosol, organic solvents, fixatives, certain disinfectants, outdoor fumes from motor vehicles or industrial gas etc. The maximum care should be taken to avoid VOCs in the laboratory to get good outcome of ART procedure. Use of VOC free disinfectant is a one step towards the improving quality of air.

CANsure is VOC free disinfectant having broad spectrum activity against bacteria, fungi, mould and yeast. It is sperm survival tested disinfectant which assures efficient application in the laboratories. Follows are the advantages of the product

  • VOC free
  • Non toxic
  • Odourless
  • Non corrosive
  • Non staining and non tainting
  • Easy to use, single step cleaning
  • Effective against bacteria, fungi, mould and yeast
  • Suitable for all surfaces like metal, glass, plastic etc.
  • Good for cleaning and disinfection of laboratory floor and wall

Available as:
  • CANsure for CO2 Incubator and Laminar Flow
    1. Used in laboratories for cleaning incubators, flow hoods and other instruments.
  • CANsure for Floor
    1. Used in laboratories for cleaning Floor and walls.
  • CANsure Hand Senitizer
    1. Used to disinfect hands prior to and post of any process in laboratory

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