Product - Canmorph


Any alteration in sperm morphology like crooked head, double tail, double head etc. is considered as abnormal sperm, which is one of the causes of failure in fertilization. Therefore it is essential to evaluate sperm morphology before performing any ART procedure.

CANmorph consist of pre-stained slide use to determine morphology of Human Sperms. The slides are coated with the stain solution that helps the sperms to get stain. The method is very simple, quick and can perform on fresh, diluted, frozen-thaw or processed semen. It does not require high level of technical skill or precision. The stained sample is observe in bright field microscope under 100X Oil Immersion Lens.

The kit consists of:
  • Pre-stained slides
Advantages of the kit:
  • Easy to perform and interpret
  • Fast, Reliable and Reproducible results
  • Follow WHO and Kruger’s Strict morphology criteria
  • Eliminates tedious procedure for smear preparation and staining of slide

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