Product - Canfrag


CANfrag is the kit design to detect DNA fragmentation in human sperm. The valuable and intellectual afford of our team made the kit, easy to perform and score. The results obtained with CANfrag are consistent and reliable. The working principle of the kit based on denaturation of DNA to assess and differentiate between fragmented and intact DNA in spermatozoa. Untreated spermatozoa are embedded between two layers of base agarose and inert top micro gel, which are then treated with acid to denature DNA. Following this, sequential lysis treatment is provided for removal of nuclear proteins. Staining with dye makes the halo and core visible under bright field microscope. The sperm with minimal DNA fragmentation or without breaks forms large halos of intact DNA loops around the central core. The sperm with fragmented DNA forms either very minimum sized halo or no halo formation.

The kit consists of:
  • Coated Slides
  • Agarose Gel Tubes
  • Dilution Tubes
  • Acid Denaturant
  • Lysis Solution
  • Dehydrating Solution 1
  • Dehydrating Solution 2
  • Dehydrating Solution 3
  • Stain Solution
  • Stain DIlution Buffer
  • Coverslip (25mm X50mm)
  • Float

The steps performed for procedures are briefly describe in the tutorial and the leaflet provided with the product.

Download Flyer of CANfrag Pdf